Congress and opposition only demand caste census when out of power :Rajbhar

Q: There are many rumours surrounding your politics and next move , some allege you will ally with the BJP and others say you will ally with Samajwadi Party Chief Akhilesh Yadav? Which side are you on ?
A: I constantly tell people who have remained backward since 75 years of independence, to demand a caste census, fight for equal education, fight for 300 unit free electricity when it is available in 2 states why not have it in all states, why is there no reservation for women in parliament, jobs and education. We are working with the grassroots. Gathbandans or alliances happen 3-4 months prior to elections, without an alliances no one can come to power.
Q: Who will you ally with ?
A: Right now I am not with anyone. There is a talk of opposition unity, a start was made in Patna. But if Mayawati and Jayant Choudhary join opposition unity, it would be strong contender in 2024
Q: Are you saying if Mayawati joins opposition , you will also join the ranks

A: 100 percent if Mayawati joins the opposition, I will also join it.
Q: All of a sudden why do you want to join Mayawati?
A: Mayawati has ruled UP four times, and BSP is present in 13 states, the road to the centre go from UP. Even if she doesn’t have MLAs, she has a vote base. If we Sonia, Nitish and Akhilesh and myself join hands we can form government.
Q: You fought elections with Akhilesh Yadav and SP in 2022, then when you didn’t win you opposed him, then you went on to praise UP CM Yogi Adityanath. What is your position and strategy as it is constantly shifting goal posts?
A: I don’t understand when others like SP or BSP ally with each other or SP allies with Congress and then break the alliance , then it is not a big deal, but when I ally with one party and break the alliance then you ask me these questions. When Dr Ambedkar resigned from cabinet for people issues it was not a big deal then why do you ask questions when I do something. Most importantly, they only talk of women issues, caste census and backward politics when they are out of power , whereas I have always spoken for the people in or out of power at all times. When I allied with SP, I asked for caste census, equal education for all, 300 units free power, women reservation. I allied with BJP, then also I wanted the implementation of the committee set up by Rajnath Singh in 2001 for 27 per cent OBC reservation. I was told the report was old. They didn’t agree to implement it so I left the alliance. Why should I remain in the alliance when demands are not met, at least I am free of alliance politics and can fight for the rights of the people.
Q: You agree that alliances are made for electoral convenience? What is then the use of such alliances or gatbandhans? What was your conversation with Yogi Adityanath and why did you meet him?
Ans6-I never met Yogi ji in Varanasi. I have a party with six MLAs and I have a party of which I am the President, whenever there is a issue then I meet Yogi Ji in Lucknow only, I have nothing to hide. If I have to see him I will say it openly. I met him during the presidential elections, I met him during the MLC elections.
Q: What is your view on Yogi Government performance?
A: Whatever superstition Mayawati and Akhilesh had that is whoever goes to Noida and Ghaziabad loses an election, he has broken their superstition by winning the election in 2022. He also works tirelessly for the people of UP more than any other leader I have seen. He is implementing the scheme on the ground by going among the people. He understands the problems of the people.
Q: Who do you have a better working relationship with, Akhilesh Yadav who you allied with or with Yogi Adityanath whose previous government you were a part of?
A: I have a relationship with everyone including Uddhav Thackrey, and Arvind Kejriwal. There is good working relationship with everyone, it is only a ideological fight. Why didn’t the Congress or Akhilesh implement a caste census when they were in power. Today, the BJP is in power, they are keeping quiet on caste census issue, so I don’t really un