‘Confident’ Demi Lovato’s new release from album Revamped


Demi Lovato releases her new song ‘Confident’ from her upcoming album Revamped. She seems more confident now after the release of her new rock version.
Before the release of her upcoming album, which will take the pop singer back to her origins and contain 10 of her career-defining songs as rock renditions, here is Lovato’s most recent reimagined rock version. Lovato appears in a brand-new avatar in this version. It features heavy bass lines, electronic music, some of Demi Lovato’s trademark pop styling, and a touch of the attitude from her earlier pop-rock days. The song first appeared in her 2015 album of the same name, which debuted at the top of the charts and made it to the Billboard 200. The song has been certified as 4x platinum.
It has since earned a 4x Platinum certification. The singer’s most recent release, Confident (Rock version), came after Sorry Not Sorry (Rock Version), which also included rock legend Slash. It became available in July.