CM Vijay Rupani gets first dose of Covid-19 vaccine in Gandhinagar


A nationwide vaccination programme is underway to protect the country’s citizens from Covid-19 infection, as part of which Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani has taken the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine at Gandhinagar.

Talking to the media after receiving the vaccine, the Chief Minister said that the vaccine against Covid-19 is the only indestructible weapon that we have got. Hundreds of young citizens were requested to get vaccinated.

He added that in the current scenario, the second wave of coronavirus is more widespread and as the infection spreads faster, the vaccine will prove to be an invaluable weapon. All the citizens above the age of 45 and those who have had Covid-19 should take both doses of the vaccine as advised by the doctor. After the announcement made by the Central Government to vaccinate the youth above 18 years of age from 1 May, the Gujarat government has made complete arrangements in this regard so the youth should get vaccinated, he added.