CM Nitish slams BJP on riot incident in Bihar

Nitish Kumar

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has given his statement on riots among two communities at two places on Ram Navami in Bihar. Bihar CM said that in both the places, some people deliberately messed up, that’s why that situation happened. “Earlier there used to be a lot of agony in Bihar but after our rule that all ended. in the case, we have worked meticulously to bring this situation under control. Information is being taken by going to every house. After a few days the cause of the incident will be known,” the CM’s official reported. He further said allegedly, “Amit Shah had to go to Sasaram so the incident was organized intentionally.Those who have tried to trigger disturbances in Biharsharif, they will be caught soon.”

According to the CM’s office report, the propaganda has been deliberately done in Bihar. In furtherance Bihar CM added, “ The ruling government is not favorable for his government and as opposition Owaisi is supporting them as agent from behind. Now through social media, people are trying to defame our government.”

CM Nitish Kumar said that the ruling party is interested in talking to governor but not interested in talking to the chief minister.

“BJP people who are ruling now, how long have they been in politics? And they should see us, how old our politics is! People remember the work done under the leadership of BJP revered Atal ji,” said Bihar CM.

He reportedly said that only propaganda against others can’t work always. Everyone has to do arduous work.