CM Dhami: Rajasthan deserves BJP’s development leadership


Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami addressed various public meetings in support of BJP candidates in Rajasthan on Friday. Addressing separate public gatherings in Viratnagar, Sanganer, and Jhotwara, he said that Congress has committed a grave sin by ruining the situation in Rajasthan, and the public of Rajasthan will punish them in this election. The Chief Minister said that during the BJP’s rule in Rajasthan, rapid development took place here.
Dhami also participated in the Parivartan Sankalp Yatra organised in the Pink City. The Uttarakhand Chief Minister said, “People were saying that the Congress government had worked to stop the work of the centre in the past five years. The situation is so bad that in many areas, there is no water for seven days.”
Dhami said, “You have seen the tenure of the BJP before and now of the Congress. Congress has worked to stop all the previous work. Congress has committed a grave sin by ruining the situation in Rajasthan. The public will now punish Congress for this grave sin.”
He said, “Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has gained respect in the world at a rapid pace, he recently went on a trip to England, where he met many people. People there were praising the Prime Minister and the progress of our country. These are countries that have ruled over us at some point, but today, they are amazed at the pace of our development.
All this has been made possible by the miraculous leadership of successful Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.” During this, he also appealed to the voters of Uttarakhand to vote for the BJP.