China opens study centres in Nepal to push anti-India agenda


China is up to mischief again. While not relenting on its position along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the Dragon is, at the same time, using the soil of Nepal for increasing its strategic activities against India.

Sources in security agencies have told The Daily Guardian that “Beijing has opened around 30 Chinese Study Centres in Nepal.” According to intelligence agencies, China is conducting many social and cultural activities in Nepal through these study centres.

 It is also teaching Mandarin to the youth of Nepal on a large scale. Sources reveal that many of these study centres have also been built in the vicinity of the IndiaNepal border. China is already working in collusion with Pakistan for strategic goals to foment troubles for India.

Sources say that by opening these centres China has a larger conspiracy to widen its grip over Nepal and thereby adding to the problems of India as part of its strategy to encircle New Delhi. What buttresses this point is that China has opened its centres in the areas near the IndiaNepal border. Beijing’s larger strategy is to change the social and cultural fabric of Nepal through the training to its youth in these centres. China is doing this behind the smokescreen of imparting education in social and cultural areas.

Sources in the security establishments say that China would be using these centres to create anti-India sentiments in the mind of people of Nepal.

According to sources, China is also enticing the Nepali youth by providing them jobs in these study centers. China is also helping Nepal in building its airport. Recently, with the help of China, Nepal has built an airport at Nijgadh which is just 8 km from the India-Nepal border.

 Apart from this, the Chinese company National Aero Technology International Engineering Corporation is planning to build an airport in Birgunj in Nepal. China is fully helping Nepal in this project too, and is preparing to connect Lipulekh to Nepal and Doklam area to Bhutan by rail route.

Top government sources told The Daily Guardian that Nepal is gradually falling prey to provocative ploys of China and has intensified its activities on the India-Nepal border in many places. Nepal has accelerated the work of creating more than 200 new border outposts (BOPs) on its side.

MHA sources said that Nepal has so far made a BOP in Rolghat of Pancheshwar. It has also deployed armed forces. Nepal is also building a new BOP near Lipulekh. Nepal is also trying to match India and it is also trying to make 400 to 500 BOPs in its area. At present, Nepal has only 130 BOPs across the border.

In the past, two helipads have been built in Nepal Garbadhar and Jhangaroo near Lipulekh. Apart from this, Nepal is constructing many more helipads. Indian security agencies are closely monitoring China›s ongoing activities in Nepal. Meanwhile, Indian forces are on high alert as the leadership of the India security agencies are clearly seeing China’s conspiracy behind all such activities being carried out in Nepal. Recently, Nepal had raised boundary issue with India, apparently at the instigation of China. Kathmandu had even issued a new map showing certain disputed territories as its part. India has, however, diplomatically handling the situation, trying hard to thwart Chinese attempt to increase its influence in Nepal.