Chief Justice Of India Justice Chandrachud Brings Daughter To Work, Explaining His Jobs


The Lawyers and Senior Judges at the Supreme Court were in for a surprise this morning as Chief Justice DY Chandrachud reaching the court along with his two foster daughters and the CJI gave his daughter a tour of the courtroom and his chamber. Justice Chandrachud after reaching of the court premises at 10 am, CJI entered the courtroom along with his daughters, who are having the disabilities, from the public gallery. Justice Chandrachud took both the daughters to the CJI Court in Room No. 1 and has showed them how the court functions. The Chief Justice, DY Chandrachud showed his daughters – Mahi (age 16) and Priyanka (age 20) – where the judges sit and from where the lawyers argue. Later, Justice DY Chandrachud took upon his daughters to his chamber to give them a tour of CJI office. Justice Chandrachud decided to take the daughters to the court after his daughters expressed a desire to see the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice Justice Chandrachud took over the post on November 9 and will be serving in the post for two years.