Chhattisgarh: Rare Indian Mouse Deer spotted in Kanger Valley National Park

The initiatives taken by the authority of Kanger Valley National Park bore fruit on Wednesday as the Indian Mouse Deer, a rare species, was spotted in the forest area of Jagdalpur in Chattisgarh.
“A trap camera placed in the forest area captured the rare Indian Mouse Deer (Moschiola Indica). Among the 12 species of deer found in India, the Mouse Deer is one of the smallest in the world,” said an official at the national park.
The efforts undertaken by the park authorities in this direction have resulted in an increase in the number of wild animals as well as in the sighting of rare species, the officer added.
Sharing further details about the ongoing steps being taken by the authorities at the national park, he said it is engaging local youth as patrolling guards to track the movement of the beasts and ensure their safety.
The move has helped create employment opportunities for the youth while also ensuring the conservation of local wildlife. The involvement of the local youth and villagers in wildlife conservation has also led to a rise in the number of wild animals.
The Indian Mouse Deer prefer a moist forest coupled with thick vegetation as their habitat, the officer informed, adding that the rare animal is nocturnal in nature.
Further, according to the officer, the Indian Mouse Deer is facing threats from forest fires, growing encroachments and poaching. He said efforts are ongoing to save them from these threats and ensure their conservation.
“Due to the availability of suitable habitats and efforts undertaken by the authority of Kanger Valley National Park, the place is turning out to be an appropriate one for the conservation of this rare species,” the officer added.

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