Chennai businessman Jayanthi Lal Chayanthi gives cars and bikes to staff

Chennai-based businessman Jayanthi Lal Chayanthi, the owner of Chalani Jewellery has gifted his staff and colleagues cars and bikes worth 1.2 crores as Diwali gifts.

As the festival of Diwali is around the corner the owner of Chalani Jewellery Chayanthi, gifted his staff and colleagues eight cars and 18 bikes.

Meanwhile, many staff were surprised and left with tears of happiness after receiving the gift.

While talking to the media Jayanthi Lal said that his staff has worked with him through all ups and downs so for me they are my family.

“This is to encourage their work and add something special to their lives. They have worked with me in all ups and downs in my business and helped me earn profits,” Chayanthi said.

“They are not just staff, but my family. So, I wanted to treat them like my family members by giving them such surprises. I am very happy wholeheartedly after this. Every owner should respect their staff and colleagues by giving them gifts,” Chayanthi further said.

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