Chandigarh University Row: one arrested and another detained

Chandigarh University Row

In connection with allegedly leaked objectionable videos of Chandigarh University students, one person was arrested and another was detained, according to police reports from Sunday.

The apprehended suspect has been identified as Sunny Mehta. The youth lives in the Rohru Subdivision of Shimla District, almost 130 kilometres from the northern city. A squad led by Dr. Monika, Superintendent of Police for Shimla, nabbed the suspect.

The person being detained has been identified as 31-year-old Rankaj Verma. From the respective police stations in Rohur and Dhalli, both of the accused were turned over to Punjab Police.

“Chandigarh University Case. Punjab Police reached PS Rohru in Shimla. The accused, Sunny Mehta, has been handed over to them. Zero tolerance for crime against women. If any collateral evidence comes our way, we will take action as per law,” said Director General of Police Himachal Pradesh, Sanjay Kundu.

“Punjab Police has arrested and has left with the accused from Rohru in case FIR no 194/22 dt 18/9/22 u/s 354C IPC, 66E IT act PS Sadar Kharad Punjab. The 23-year accused, resident of Rohru, has been handed over to them,” read a statement of Shimla Police.

Earlier, a student was arrested in connection with the case.

“It is a matter of videos being shot by a female student and later circulated. An FIR was registered in the matter, and the accused student was arrested. No deaths were reported related to this incident. As per medical records, no attempt (to commit suicide) was reported,” said Senior Superintendent of Police, Mohali, Vivek Soni, on Chandigarh University Row.

On Saturday night in Mohali, Chandigarh University students staged large-scale protests in response to what they claimed were “leaked offensive videos” of female students.

Students who were protesting said that a student had recorded videos of female students while they were bathing in the dorm. Later, the video went viral on social media. The students who were protesting also alleged that suicide attempts by female hostel residents occurred after the recordings became public. Police, however, denied the allegations of suicide attempts.

“Forensic evidence is being collected. So far, no attempt to commit suicide has been reported. Medical records of students have been taken on record. People should not pay attention to any rumours,” he added.

Harjot Singh Bains, the minister of Punjab’s department of education, had urged Chandigarh University students to maintain their composure and given them assurances that the guilty would not get off easily.

“I humbly request all the students of Chandigarh University to remain calm. No one guilty will be spared. It is a very sensitive matter and relates to the dignity of our sisters and daughters,” said the minister in a Twitter post.