Chances of vote-rigging in Bhabanipur byelection, says BJP Bengal president

Sukanta Majumdar

24 hours before the Bhawanipur byelection in Bhabanipur, BJP state president Sukanta Majumdar expressed explosive fears.

He held a meeting with BJP All India President J.P. Naddar in the capital on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the MP from Balurghat was heard raising the fear of rigging. He also appealed to the Election Commission to ensure that those who are unable to vote do not cast their votes. Majumdar has requested the Commission to look into the matter so that the educated and upper class people of Bhabanipur can cast their votes. “Violence takes place in democracy only when the ruler is afraid. There is no place for violence in a democracy. But when people are afraid, they become violent. So we are optimistic seeing the violence in Bhabanipur. If more than 60-70 percent of the votes are cast, the BJP will win there. But we are in doubt. We are a little skeptical about the kind of attack that has taken place on the part of the affluent or wealthy voters, how much risk they will take to get down from their multi-layered position. The Election Commission should be a little more active in this regard. We should try to bring them to the polls,” Majumdar said.

Majumdar further appealed to the Commission, “Since the turnout at this center has been low, it should be seen that the votes should not be cast by anyone else. If someone else casts their vote, we will not be in competition. We have the news. ” In other words, the BJP is clearly fearing that the Bhabanipur polls may be rigged.

No matter how much the BJP claims rigging, the Trinamool’s demand has been thwarted. Ruling party council leader Tapas Roy has taken a dig at the BJP’s allegations. Tapas said on this day, it is an omnipresent lie. The BJP can’t really tell the truth. Barely accustomed to stories, untruths. There is no basis for all this. If the BJP can show any evidence in support of this claim, let it be known. There are many places to inform them. But whatever the BJP and the Trinamool may say, both parties are quite skeptical about the turnout in the event of a disaster. Several wards of Bhabanipur are still almost submerged due to continuous rains. In this situation, there is still doubt about the percentage of people who will come to cast their votes in the rain. The meteorological department, however, forecast that the situation could improve from tomorrow.