Freelance Journalist, Ex-Navy Commander arrested by CBI for spying on DRDO

On Wednesday, freelance journalist Vivek Raghuvanshi and former Navy Commander Ashish Pathak were arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for allegedly sharing sensitive information about the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and the army with foreign intelligence agencies. This action followed the filing of an FIR against Raghuvanshi the previous day. As part of the investigation, the CBI conducted searches at 12 locations in Jaipur and the National Capital Region (NCR) associated with Raghuvanshi and his acquaintances.

During the searches, several sensitive documents were seized and sent for legal review. The CBI has launched an extensive investigation to uncover more information about Raghuvanshi’s connections within India and abroad.

According to the CBI, Raghuvanshi was collecting sensitive information and intricate details regarding the progress of various DRDO projects. Additionally, he allegedly gathered information about future procurement plans of the Indian armed forces, which could potentially jeopardize the country’s strategic preparedness.

The CBI also stated that Raghuvanshi had accessed classified communication information pertaining to national security, as well as details regarding India’s strategic and diplomatic discussions with friendly nations.

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