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Sushant’s Suicide: A Wake-up Call for One and All

Increasing mental stress and psychological distress of modern age, coupled with Covid-19 pandemic, is a sign of impending mental health crisis.

The privacy issue emerging from tracking app operations

The concept of ‘Privacy’ has a great significance in human existence. It assures the protection of the dignity of the human beings. Any move...

Pakistan’s paranoia regarding India is unfounded

Pakistan’s brazen belligerence continues towards India in spite of the extension of an olive branch from time and again by India for good neighbourly relations.

Making things happen: Connect with ground realities

Why do some schemes work and others don’t? In answer to this question lies one of the secrets of making things happen in the Government.
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Public Interest Litigation: A law and economic perspective

After the Supreme Court judgment in Tata Cellular case, normally courts restrain themselves from interfering in policy matters and this development is stated to have an effective check on unnecessary exercise of judicial discretions in entertaining public interest litigation.

Representation of People’s Act 1951

Defamatory campaigns, expenditure limit, advertising , paid news and promotion.

China strategy is to unsettle India: Manage the differences

Tensions are flaring as governments, from the United States to those in Europe, Japan and Australia move to cut their dependence on China, and India sees an economic opening.

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