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Agriculture export policy gets a push

APEDA and NABARD to jointly work to implement this policy


Multiculturalism received a deadly hit by advent of terrorism in Kashmir. The diverse Kashmiri culture hugely influenced by Indian, Persian and central Asian cultural...

Understanding intellectual property: Has ‘trips’ really worked for developing countries?

The author in the previous posts of Understanding IP primarily dealt with the area of jurisprudential foundation of Intellectual Property (IP). In the first...

At 63%, Bengaluru and Chennai top out on branded housing supply share

The real estate sector has been grappling with the liquidity crisis over the last two years. Smaller players have had the short end of the stick—many of them face challenges with raising funds from banks and other financial institutions.
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Scope of judicial interference with arbitral awards: A journey from Renusagar’s case to Ssangyong’s case to the Ordinance 2020

Section 5 of the Act of 1996 provides for limited intervention of the courts in the arbitral proceedings. Section 35 thereof attaches ‘finality’ to the arbitral award and, as per Section 36(1), an award holder has to wait for a period of 3 months after the receipt of the award prior to applying for its enforcement and execution. During the intervening period, the award may be challenged in accordance with Section 34 of the Act of 1996. The legislature has narrowed down the grounds for making a challenge to the arbitral award and the courts will not interfere until and unless the findings made in the award fall within the scope of Section 34.

India’s merchandise: A preliminary data

Major commodities of export which have recorded negative growth during November 2020 vis-à-vis November 2019 are petroleum products (61.05%), leather and leather manufactures (29.80%), cashew (24.90%), plastic and linoleum (23.34%), marine products (16.11%), oil seeds (15.30%), man-made yarn/fabrics/made-ups, etc (11.14%), engineering goods (8.27%), organic and inorganic chemicals (8.09%), coffee (1.27%), RMG of all textiles (1.20%).

Exclusion of advocates for consideration as judicial members in tribunals contrary to SC judgements: Top court

It is most refreshing, most rejuvenating and most rejoicing to see that while underscoring the invaluable importance of lawyers in imparting justice, the three...

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