‘Not an engineered virus, but may have leaked from Wuhan lab’

Leading American coronavirus expert, Professor Richard H. Ebright, who is the laboratory director at the Waksman Institute of Microbiology and a professor of chemistry...

The fourth dimension of India’s maritime warfare

Watching the Republic Day parade this year, one could be struck by the similarity in outward appearance of the marching contingents of the Indian...

Manmohan to help Punjab revive post-Covid economy

The Punjab Government on Monday took the initial steps towards formulating the state’s post-Covid revival strategy, with the Montek Singh Ahluwalia-led Group of Experts...

In Bihar’s Munger district, lone Tablighi Jamaat attendee keeps Covid-19 cases on the boil

The state government’s coronavirus containment work seems to have been defeated by one Jamaati who is said to have visited six Bihar districts after his return from Delhi.
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Transparency must to fight Covid-19

One of the hallmarks of the Central government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis has been the transparency with which it has been tackling the...

‘Rats behind missing liquor’

The nation-wide lockdown has forced a dry spell all over the country, but the rats in a government-run shop in Addanki, Andhra Pradesh, are...

KVIC comes to the rescue of cocoon farmers in Tamil Nadu

KVIC’s Chennai office, in co-ordination with 6 Khadi institutions, has facilitated the purchase of around 9,500 kg of the cocoon directly from the farmers.

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