There’s hope! Corona vaccine may be ready by year-end, says WHO chief

A vaccine against Covid-19 may be ready by year-end, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday.  “We will need vaccines and...

Singapore to pay would-be parents for babies in Covid time

The government of Singapore has decided to provide monetary assistance to parents looking to have a baby, in an endeavour to ease their financial...

American elections and future of US involvement in West Asia

The situation in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon reflects Iran’s strong influence, which remains a concern for the US and its allies. Hence, US involvement in West Asia will largely focus on making sure that the balance of power in the region would be in favour of America’s interests.

Saudi asks citizens to boycott Turkey, Israel asks NATO to rein in Erdogan

Turkey finds itself in the line of fire from two unlikely sources: Saudi Arabia and Israel. Saudi Arabia has asked its citizens to boycott...
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India to push for blacklisting of Pakistan at FATF

India is gearing up to get Pakistan blacklisted during the upcoming plenary of the Paris-based Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Indian officials are preparing...

Indian agriculture is finally set to enter the free market

The new farm legislations will create a healthy competition in the market which will be beneficial to the farmers as they will be the deciding force for the sale of their own farm produce.

‘Nepotism doesn’t exist’: Sunil Shetty’s FTCTalent emerges as a marketplace for talent amid Covid-19

Sunil Shetty has had a blockbuster stint in the Indian film industry. Not just Bollywood, the superstar has starred in over 100 films across...

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