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Judiciary and Executive: Courts & Masters, three opportunities

The Supreme Court of UK has itself dispensed with the traditional wig and gown subject to certain terms and conditions. In Australia, the court dress varies from state to state, from court to court and even within the same courtroom.

India that is Bharat

Shri Har Govind Pant was in favour of Bharatvarsha and was keen on doing away with India altogether since he felt that clinging to India was proof of the colonialised mindsets of those who were attached to it.

Sexual harassment at workplace: A critical analysis

In 21st century India, with the adoption of Acts such The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019, it has become imperative that the Legislature makes sexual harassment laws all-encompassing, gender-neutral and progressive.

Bapsi Nariman: In memory of Fali’s better half

Fali was her universe and she was his. They were a couple where the whole was larger than the sum total of its parts.
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Bapsi Nariman, an author who popularised Parsi cuisine among many in North India

A Judge is known by his judgements, a lawyer by the cases he has argued and the writer by the books he has written....

Are your corporate policies updated for opening up post Covid lockdown?

The new normal has also meant increased use of personal devices and unsecured data networks by employeesas they work remotely. These factors have added a different dimension to companies’ data security needs.

Lessons for India from the US-France digital tax war

When France imposed its 3% digital services tax on large US digitized businesses, the US trade representative responded by imposing additional duties of up to 100% tariffs on French products worth USD 2.4 billion

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