Call for Action: PoJK displaced persons demand attention


In a resounding call for action, Rajiv Chuni, Chairman of S. O. S. International, has urged the Indian government, led by the BJP, to address the legitimate demands of Pakistan-Occupied Jammu Kashmir (PoJK) Displaced Persons before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Chuni warned that failing to meet these demands could result in the wrath of the numerous PoJK DP voters.
Chuni highlighted the historical betrayal of the PoJK Displaced Persons by political parties, who have often used their concerns as mere electoral fodder. He called for unity among the displaced community, emphasizing the power of their vote and the importance of making informed decisions when exercising their democratic right.
Addressing a gathering of PoJK Displaced Persons in Nowshera city, Chuni stressed the need for unity among the PoJK DPs, as their lack of cohesion has allowed opportunistic politicians to manipulate their concerns for personal gain. He urged the community to come together and collectively make a decisive stand in preparation for the Lok Sabha elections scheduled for April-May next year.
Chuni emphasized that the time is ripe to send a strong message to political platforms, demonstrating the authenticity and legitimacy of their struggle. He suggested that a collective decision, either boycotting the elections or voting in favour of a specific party, could be a means to ensure their voices are heard at the highest level. Chuni reiterated that the PoJK DPs need to make a decisive call before the upcoming elections. If the Centre is ready to concede its five major demands, including financial assistance to PoJK displaced families, reservation in technical institutes, job packages, legislative assembly seats, and Pahari status, the PoJK DPs would consider voting in favour of the BJP. Otherwise, they will not allow anyone to deceive their innocent people.
Chuni appealed to PoJK DPs not to be swayed by the empty promises of politicians, whether from regional or national political groups. He emphasized that all successive governments have ignored their aspirations and political empowerment, causing significant challenges and mental trauma within the displaced community.