Build a vision around a solution and a business around a vision: Rahat Bhagat, Co-Founder, UV Pure Pvt Ltd


Rahat Bhagat, co-founder of UV Pure Private Limited joined NewsX for an exclusive chat in its special edition, NewsX A-List. UV Pure produces products based on a chemical-free sanitization method. UVC light used in the product destroys the DNA of pathogens and thus prevents them from replication. Rahat spoke to NewsX about their product, UV Pure Tech Wand.

Speaking about how he started, Rahat Bhagat said, “In the current scenario, we couldn’t even bring a piece of paper without sanitising it. We would bring groceries washed with soap and then wonder whether we are consuming soap. So it got me and my father thinking that there has to be something beneficial, not only for now but also for many more years to come.”

Rahat added that alcohol soap and chemical sanitisation were harmful, with limited uses and also left room for manual error, so the sanitisation process of things coming into homes and workplace was both ineffective and cumbersome. “So UV Pure was founded to marry science with simplicity, to keep our loved ones safe and provide fast, effective, simple and chemical-free sanitisation.”

Explaining how the product works and common people could benefit from it, Bhagat said, “Let me go behind the technology first, UVC light at this particular wavelength disrupts the DNA and RNA of pathogens, eliminating their ability to replicate, hence deactivating them.”

To give a clearer view on the same, Rahat said, “In laymen terms, this technology works on line of sight. Wherever the UGC light falls, in a 10-15 second exposure, we can eliminate 99.9% bacteria, viruses and germs. It also kills the black mould which sometimes appears on bathroom curtains. It also deodorizes articles like shoes or any old pieces of furniture which is smelling. It has been developed by IT engineers and it is certified by Boston University”.

Rahat Bhagat went on to talk about if it was a household product. He said, “This is a requirement for each house at the moment. It saves you a considerable amount of time, money and there is no harmful chemicals, pollutants or residue which you are consuming or smelling while sanitised stuff is coming into your house. All households that bought it till now are using it on a daily basis and we have received very positive reviews.”

Bhagat further shared about the built and working of the product. He said, “It is a slightly large, handheld device with a stainless steel body and it’s got a UV lamp in the casing and if we wish to use it then all we do is switch it on and a 10-15 second exposure to its light will sanitise the entire object.”

When asked about Rahat’s take on Prime Minister’s ‘Vocal for Local’ slogan, he said that he feels that they were ‘deglobalising’. “Each country at the moment is looking for itself. So I am very for local for vocal. Only if we are vocal for local, are we gonna support our economy, our jobs and our people.” Rahat said that he’s all for Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Rahat Bhagat said that he would recommend people to be entrepreneurs if they have the vision, dedication and the self-reliant, go-getter attitude. He said, “It can be a very satisfying choice.”

Rahat called his product as both, a B2B and a B2C product. He said, “A lot of households have had it. It’s just been launched last week. A lot of businesses, a couple of colleges in the IP University bought it for sanitising the examination papers. We’re in touch with both, housing complexes as well as banking institutions.”

Rahat has been in entrepreneurship for many years, his family has been in manufacturing business since 1992. He said that this thing helped him in developing the product. He is also an automatic control systems engineer. He said that technology has always been close to his heart. He added, “finding a technology-based solution to a problem has been very satisfying, my engineering side has helped in developing this product.”

Addressing the pandemic, Rahat said that most of the entrepreneurs are trying to come out of these times stronger and are trying to figure out how they can utilise this time for their future. Talking about the future of his product UV Pure tech wand, Rahat said that he would like to see it making its way to households and workspaces in the metros and even in tier 2, tier 3 cities and the villages.

UV Pure also has some other products in the pipeline for UVC based sanitation. Rahat said, “We would like to see the support of the consumers to choose Made in India products. So we do more and the local entrepreneurs grow and the country prospers.”

Rahat shared a piece of advice for the new-age entrepreneurs. He said, “Look for areas where there is pain. Build a vision around a solution and a business around a vision.”

For those who want to buy or check the product UV Pure Tech Wand, it is available on their official website, Within some time the product will be available on several other online websites as well.