BSP expels Imran Masood for indiscipline and anti-party activities


Various political movements are being witnessed in Uttar Pradesh before the Lok Sabha elections. While the politics in eastern UP has given rise to Ghosi Bye election, on the other hand, BSP chief Mayawati has sparked the discussions in the political corridors by expelling Imran Masood from the party.
These discussions have increased even more because a few days ago, Imran Masood openly praised Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. He said that Rahul Gandhi is a leader who fearlessly speaks in favour of the public.
Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati has issued an order to expel Imran Masood from the party while taking action on complaints of anti-party activities. Before this, Imran Masood left Samajwadi Party last year and joined BSP.
Before the 2022 Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, he left the Congress and joined the Samajwadi Party. As Imran had praised Rahul Gandhi from an open platform, it seems that Imran Masood will turn to Congress again. Earlier, Imran Masood himself had talked about his good relations with the Congress party. He even said that he has a very good relationship with Priyanka Gandhi. On the other hand, he had said about Rahul Gandhi that he is a good hearted person.
On the other hand, Imran is not even participating in the meetings organized by the BSP, while Imran Masood was made the coordinator of West UP on behalf of the BSP. On the other hand, Imran Masood has been expelled from the party by issuing a letter on behalf of the BSP on Tuesday. In which it was said that Imran Masood had been warned several times about indiscipline and anti-party activities.
Despite this, there was no improvement in his behaviour. For this reason, he has been shown the way out of the party.