BSF foils smuggling attempts through drone across border


In the ongoing battle against drone smuggling across the India-Pakistan border, the Border Security Force (BSF) has successfully foiled multiple attempts at drug trafficking in recent days. In Amritsar’s Rajatal village, BSF personnel detected the movement of a Pakistani drone and fired at it, leading to the recovery of a packet of heroin weighing 2.6 kg. Another drone was shot down in Amritsar’s Bachiwind village, with three kg of heroin recovered from three concealed packets and two people apprehended. In Hardo Rattan village, the BSF fired at yet another Pakistani drone and recovered two packets of heroin weighing 2 kg. In Fazilka district, the BSF personnel fired at miscreants after hearing the thumping sound of something being thrown over the border fence near village Natha Singh Wala early Tuesday morning. The force recovered two packets of heroin weighing 2 kg and a China-made pistol, along with a magazine and eight rounds during the search of the area. Investigations are currently ongoing to determine the source and destination of the seized narcotics and to identify those involved in the smuggling attempt.
The Union Minister of State for Home Nisith Pramanik has previously revealed that drones have become a favoured method of smuggling arms and narcotics from Pakistan into Punjab, with 28 incidents of drone recovery in the past three years. To combat the rise in drone smuggling, the BSF is procuring more anti-drone systems to be installed in Punjab on the Indo-Pakistan border, with ongoing trials.