Brazilian and Argentinian football fans clash in Kollam


Kerala police have registered an FIR in connection to a video where football fans were seen engaging in a brawl in the Kollam district, the police said.
Officials said that the incident was reported in Sakthikulangara’s rural area on Sunday afternoon, and a case under Section 160 (punishment for committing affray) of the IPC has been registered at the Sakthikulangara police station against unidentified people.
In the video, a group of football fans from Argentina and Brazil were seen engaging in a brawl in Sakthikulangara rural during a road show.
The roadshow was part of the World Cup inauguration in Qatar, where fans from both the Argentina and Brazil teams reportedly got into a fight after a dispute, according to police.
They said that the road shows of both groups reached a cemetery in Sakthikulangara area, and members of the two groups got into an argument.
The argument soon turned into a heated one, and they started fighting with each other. People from both groups could be seen attacking the members of other groups with sticks of their flags. At first, it can be seen they were hitting with hands and later using sticks, the police said.The elders intervened resolved the problem,