Braille ballot papers empower visually impaired voters


In a significant move to empower visually impaired voters, special Braille-scripted ballot papers have been prepared for the upcoming Jalandhar Lok Sabha by-election on May 10. The Institute for Blind in Chandigarh’s Sector-26 has created 2,170 of these unique ballot papers, which feature candidate names, election symbols, party names, and serial numbers in Punjabi Braille script. Vote counting is scheduled for May 13.
Principal JS Jayeda of the Institute for Blind, who is also visually impaired, emphasised the importance of these ballot papers in ensuring that visually impaired citizens can exercise their right to vote independently, without relying on assistance from others. The Braille ballot papers will enable them to choose their preferred candidates based on their own free will.
Vishwajit, the in-charge of the Braille Press at the Institute for Blind, along with his assistant Pankaj and other staff members, have been hard at work since April 26, preparing the special ballot papers. On Monday, they successfully completed the task and handed them over to the returning officer of the Election Department of Jalandhar.
The Braille-scripted ballot papers were produced using a machine called Breley Ambosar from Sweden, demonstrating a collaborative effort to promote accessible and inclusive elections for all citizens.