Books to look out for this week


The Citizenship Debate: CAA & NRC

Amit Malviya and Salman Khurshid

Rupa, Rs 295

Amid widespread protests, the Indian Parliament passed CAA on 11 December 2019. It divided the country into two distinct groups—one section of people considers the apprehensions about the CAA being a case of a misreading of the Act and the other thinks the ‘nonsecular’ Act is a manifestation of the prejudices and malevolent agenda of the ruling party. But does either side understand the CAA? Or, for that matter, does anyone who has listened to the shrill and often unconvincing arguments for and against the Act? This book presents the two sides of the debate that took the country by storm. While offering insights into the history and politics of the citizenship debate, they leave it up to us to decide which side we are on.

 #Entry Level Boss

Alexa Shoen

HarperCollins, Rs 399

 Banging your head against the wall about the job search? Wondering why nobody’s even bothering to send you a rejection letter (much less an interview request)? You are not alone. This process is a beast, but there’s good news: #EntryLeveLBoss is the book for you. This is an easy-to-follow roadmap for transforming yourself from frustrated job seeker into a hired, happy, productive human. One part behind-the-scenes memoir, one part playbook this book lays out career coach Alexa Shoen’s 9-step methodology for approaching the job search during these crazy times we’re living through.Think of it like a fitness plan-except instead of killer abs, you wind up with multiple interviews for a bunch of jobs you actually want.

Ladakh Adventure

Deepak Dalal

Penguin, Rs 250

On their visit to the Changthang plateau of Ladakh, Vikram and Aditya find themselves on the run along with Tsering, a young Tibetan boy they meet while camping on this the grand yet barren frontier of India. Determined to protect Tsering from the mysterious band of men chasing him, the three boys traverse the majestic land beyond the Himalayas in search of answers. Who is Tsering? Why is he being hunted with such fierce resolve? Follow Vikram and Aditya across the remote frozen plateau to the mountain city of Leh-through a land of startling contrasts and magnificent mountains-as a perilous game of hide-and-seek unfolds. Journey to the roof of the world with an enthralling tale set in one of India’s most splendid destinations.

The Wall

Gautam Bhatia

HarperCollins, Rs 399

Mithila’s world is bound by a Wall enclosing the city of Sumer — nobody goes out, nothing comes in. The days pass as they have for two thousand years: just enough to eat for just enough people, living by the rules. Within the city, everyone knows their place.

But when Mithila tries to cross the Wall, every power in Sumer comes together to stop her. To break the rules is to risk all of the civilisation collapsing. But to follow them is to never know: who built the Wall? Why? And what would the world look like if it didn’t exist? As Mithila and her friends search for the truth, they must risk losing their families, the ones they love and even their lives.