BJP terms KCR an actor who spends crores poaching drama


The BJP has termed Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao as an actor in the “political field” after he released a video on Thursday of the BJP allegedly trying to poach his party’s MLAs.
Releasing the video on Thursday, Rao accused BJP of destroying all systems in the country. In a statement, BJP spokesperson NV Subhash on Friday strongly criticised Rao for his “baseless” and “unwarranted” comments while speaking to the media against BJP’s top leaders and termed him as an actor in “political field” and alleged that he spent crores of rupees to “enact this drama”.
“Generally people will display their skills by acting and playing various roles in cinema field like NTR, Dilip Kumar, Sanjay Dutt and others but our state CM KCR is capable of acting in political field with his lies and dialogues and mesmerising political workers by his lies”, he said while reacting to CM’s media conference. It was a conspiracy to defame a patriotic party, he added.
World leaders have been appreciating the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make India a world leader and Russian President Vladimir Putin also appreciated Modi’s work and said he is a “true patriot”, Subhash added.
BJP leader Rachana Reddy said that it is nothing but a “ridiculous” attempt of KCR to defame and slander the BJP.
“The so-called farmhouse link is an elaborated video of artists just sitting around and speaking dialogues instructed by KCR, where people are just trading names and using top people’s names to defame and slander them without any proof,” BJP leader Rachana Reddy told. She wondered at KCR’s “audacity” of accusing the BJP of buying MLAs while his own record is completely filled with corruption and dubious horse-trading of MLAs, she said. The BJP MLA further said that the BJP will hit and fight back but will not comment on the matter anymore since the issue is “subjudice”.
“The BJP is going to hit and fight back and is not going to comment anymore because the issue is subjudice, but the irony has not passed BJP because the man who has done horsetrading actually has the goal and audacity to question BJP with no evidence and the claim that the governments of Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, along with Telangana are at the risk of horse-trading by BJP,” she said.
The BJP leader said that KCR is just a CM of one state in India and struggling to continue in power as people have now realised all his gimmicks and tactics, he added.
Enacting a drama with folded hands, KCR cannot succeed in his play as people are wise to understand his tactics, he said.
It is PM Modi who after becoming Prime Minister of the country has put democracy on a real and solid track and there is no question of its derailment, Subhash said.
It is a bigger conspiracy of KCR to defame BJP by poaching people and asking them to take names of top BJP leaders who are occupying constitutional posts and KCR has spent crores of rupees to enact this drama, he alleged.
The money he amassed by corrupt practices is being used to intimidate and to lure such people for making fake videos. Nobody can deter investigating agencies to probe into scandals including liquor scandals with alleged involvement of MLC K Kavitha, daughter of KCR, Subhash said. People of the country particularly Telangana people who fought for a separate state are watching the drama of KCR, he added.