BJP Slams Gehlot for the lawlessness in the state

BJP national spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla poked fun at the Ashok Gehlot-led Congress administration in Rajasthan after the story of the elderly woman’s legs being hacked off made headlines there on Sunday. He had said that the state’s law and order situation had disintegrated.

Additionally, he criticised the state government for its complete incompetence in handling the molestation of a female student in Jaipur.

While speaking to the media, Poonawalla recalled the two incidents and said that whether it was the shocking incident of a 108-year-old woman in Jaipur, whose feet were chopped off by ruthless robbers to loot her silver rings, or the incident involving a girl student being molested in a government women’s hostel, against which women took to the streets and protested on Saturday night amid heavy rains.

“It is evidently clear that no woman is now safe under the Gehlot regime”, Poonawalla underlined.

Poonawala claimed that ladies are now shouting “Ladki Hoon To Kya Bach Sakti Hoon” in response to the Congress Party’s Ladki Hoon Lad Sakti Hoon campaign slogan during the UP Elections this year.

“Gehlot government only focused on ‘Satta Bachao’, not ‘Beti Bachao’. Criminals, rapists, and rioters have got emboldened in Rajasthan”, Shehzad said further.

He also mentioned the numerous statements from Rajasthan that were anti-woman and pro-rape, referring to it as a government of rapists and criminals.

He questioned the selective silence of Priyanka Vadra and said, “Will Priyanka Vadra demand action against Ashok Gehlot or does she stand with the victims? Why hasn’t she visited them? 
Priyanka Gandhi was silent on the recent gang rape of a minor by eight men who blackmailed her and released the video and also on the acid attack in Jaipur on two girls. Why this selective approach to women’s issues”?

On Sunday in Jaipur, thieves ambushed a 108-year-old woman and cut off her legs in order to steal her silver jewellery. This incident happened shortly after a female was molested in the state’s capital city’s government-run women’s hostel.

Another incident that occurred in the state recently included a Dalit lady who was gang-raped and held captive in Ajmer for days.

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