BJP seeks prominent face for Civil Lines constituency


Currently, MLA Pratap Singh Khachariyawas from the Civil Lines Assembly constituency is in the spotlight due to his outspokenness. While the BJP has already released its first list for the upcoming state assembly elections, the Civil Lines constituency does not have any candidate in this list. On the other hand, the Congress list is awaited, and in this situation, a question arises regarding the Civil Lines Assembly seat. The main point is that in Civil Lines, both the BJP and Congress have won three times. At present, it is not clear from which seat the Congress’ Pratap Singh will contest. However, if he contests from Civil Lines, the BJP will have to find a prominent face to compete with him.
One can say that the Civil Lines, which is a general category Assembly seat, in Jaipur, is the centre of Rajasthan’s political arena. According to the 2011 Census, the number of voters in the Civil Lines Assembly is approximately 240,066. It includes approximately 25,111 voters from the SC category, which is about 10.46%, 9,123 from the ST, which is about 3.8%, and 29,528 Muslim voters, which is approximately 12.3%.
In the 2018 Assembly elections, Congress candidate Pratap Singh won with 53.53% of the votes. In this race, the second-place candidate, Arun Chaturvedi, received 69,859 votes, which accounted for 42.53% of the vote. However, this time, the mood of the people will be a crucial factor. If there is no twist of fate, then it is likely that the current seat will remain with Khachariyawas. But if BJP’s Ashok Lahoti contests this seat again, as he did in 2008, it may pose a challenge for Congress.