BJP hired goons from Bihar to incite violence in West Bengal, alleges Mamata Banerjee


Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee slammed the BJP over the West Bengal violence on Tuesday, alleging that the party hired “goons from Bihar” to incite violence.

The Chief Minister of West Bengal alleged that the rioters do not belong to any religion and that they are just “BJP goons.” In a statement, Mamata said “I have to be alert all the time lest BJP incites riots. They don’t understand that the people of Bengal don’t like violence.”

“Rioting is not Bengal’s culture. We don’t engage in riots, general public doesn’t incite riots. When BJP can’t on its own, it hires people to fan riots. They (BJP) are bringing goons from Bihar. All people from Bihar are not goons. The rioters are not Hindus or Muslims or Sikhs or Adivasis, they are BJP goons,” she added.

She further continued “The youth in whose hands weapons were seen during Ram Navami, CPI(M) used to do the same. Did you forget the atrocities of CPI(M)?” The Chief Minister stated that the BJP has chosen the CPI path.

“Did you forget the incidents in Nandigram, Khejuri, Kolaghat, Tamluk? CPI(M) makes tall claims, today BJP has chosen this path after learning from CPI(M),” as she further alleged BJP of toeing the line of violence adopted by CPI(M).

The state government, according to Mamata, will rebuild the damaged properties.
During the Ram Navami procession in West Bengal’s Howrah, there were violent incidents.