BJP councillor slams reinstatement of bribe-tainted officials


Chandigarh Municipal Council BJP Councillor Mahesh Inder Singh Sidhu unleashed scathing criticism on the BJP-governed Municipal Corporation Chandigarh for the outrageous decision to reinstate two senior officials caught red-handed accepting bribes by the CBI in August.
Expressing his disdain for the Municipal Corporation, Sidhu didn’t mince words, declaring it an act of shamelessness to lift the suspension and reward the two senior employees involved in corrupt practices within the MOH wing. He lambasted the lack of a departmental inquiry, highlighting the severity of accepting bribes for official duties and accused the move of being a blatant reward for misconduct.
As a seasoned lawyer and former senior deputy mayor, Sidhu asserted that the truth could only be unearthed through a proper inquiry, insinuating that the hasty reinstatement may be a calculated effort to silence the accused or prevent exposure of higher-ranking figures engaged in corruption. He didn’t hold back, slamming the officers’ reluctance to initiate an inquiry from the outset.
Taking to social media platform X, Sidhu didn’t pull any punches, ridiculing the Municipal Corporation for what he deemed a reprehensible act of “rewarding corruption the MC officials way.” He pointedly questioned the decision to reinstate two senior employees caught in the act just three months prior, hinting at shady deals or a desperate attempt to shield more influential figures from the scrutiny of the CBI.
In the wake of the August arrests, Sidhu, along with fellow BJP councillors, had confronted the officers, challenging the moral integrity of allowing tainted senior officials to continue in their roles.
The CBI’s apprehension of Chief Sanitary Inspector Chander Mohan and Health Supervisor Sandeep Kumar centered around an alleged bribe of Rs 1 lakh to reinstate a suspended municipal corporation employee in Sector 17. The bribe money was shockingly discovered in one of the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh officials’ vehicles.
Just before his arrest, Mohan had participated in a meeting with civic body officials of the Medical Officer of Health (MoH) wing in Sector 17, and documents related to the meeting were conveniently found in his car. Adding to the intrigue, gold ornaments worth Rs 1.6 crore were later uncovered in the locker of one of the arrested officials.