Big Screen to Show World Cup Final on Mall Road


Shimla residents can enjoy the World Cup final on a big screen near Town Hall, enhancing the viewing experience for cricket fans. Chief Minister Sukhdev, a cricket enthusiast, may join the public for the match. Additionally, large screens are planned in various districts of Himachal Pradesh for public viewing. The Nagar Nigam has decided to set up a screen near Town Hall for residents to relish the match.
Mayor Surendra Chauhan directed officials to make arrangements for projecting the match using projectors at specific locations in the city. Special preparations are underway in some organizations to display the match publicly using projectors. India will face Australia in the World Cup final, a significant event after 20 years, stirring excitement among cricket fans.
Mayor Chauhan emphasized the importance of boosting sports enthusiasm and raising awareness among youth, encouraging them to stay away from substance abuse. The public event aims to foster a sense of unity and excitement among the youth. The initiative also intends to promote sports awareness among the youth of Himachal and Shimla.
In 2011, India won the World Cup final against Sri Lanka, securing their second World Cup title. The public screening of the World Cup final is seen as an opportunity to engage and inspire the youth through the spirit of cricket.