BHU Students lambast admin for banning Holi inside campus


Students at the Banaras Hindu University have lashed out at the administration’s directive prohibiting the celebration of Holi and playing music inside the campus. The BHU administration has issued an Advisory order saying that there will be a complete ban on celebrating Holi and playing music on the university campus. All the students and staff should follow this order seriously. The student organizations of the university are opposing this order of the university. The students castigated the university’s guidelines on Holi and alleged that ever since Sudhir K Jain has held the post of Vice Chancellor he has repeatedly disrespected Hindu culture and tradition in the university. Terming the decision “ridiculous”, a student said, “It is extremely disappointing that our Chief Proctor Professor Abhimanyu Singh is not aware of the Holi celebrations and the culture, we can’t celebrate Holi alone, it is a festival of joy and belongingness which can only be enjoyed at a public place along with your closed ones, should we celebrate Holi inside a shopping mall.”