Bhardwaj rebuts Khachariyawas’ claims as ‘hollow’


BJP state spokesperson Laxmikant Bhardwaj has hit back at the statement of Food and Logistics Supply Minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas. He has called Khachariyawas’s claim hollow. He said that his leaders serve the public and not eat public money. “Before giving the statement, Khachariyawas would have read dozens of letters written by his own party’s senior MLA and former minister Bharat Singh to the Chief Minister.
He probably doesn’t know that he has written more than 50 letters to the Chief Minister regarding the corruption of his own ministers,” he added. Bhardwaj also said, “On the service of Congress leaders that in the recent viral video of Begun MLA Rajendra Singh Bhidhuri, the public has seen what the truth is. The result of this is that today people are protesting in front of the Congress Party’s war room in Delhi against their MLAs.”
Bhardwaj said, “Now the condition of Pratap Singh Khachariyawas has become such that no one in his own party questions him. Ever since he left Sachin Pilot and joined Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s camp, he has become irrelevant in Rajasthan politics.”
He further said that every worker is given respect in the BJP, hence there is no need to know anyone’s background. He said that all the leaders, including Khachariyawas, should learn a lesson that if the workers were given respect in Congress, then these days would not have to be seen.