Bharat’s G-20 Success, Chinese Minister Vanishes, US Political Drama

This week will be remembered for the unparalleled G-20 summit hosted by Bharat under its presidency. From luscious cuisine to colourful culture, from unflawed arrangements to impeccable diplomatic achievements, Bharat has shown to the world how powerful it is and how it leverages its power for global good. Bharat not only spoke about democratization of G-20, it achieved this tough objective by playing a pivotal role in making complete consensus on giving permanent membership to African Union. By adding African Union to G-20, Bharat has also added the challenges and opportunities of global south to it. G-20 has a new face now with true representation of the emerging economies and associated prospects. Bharat also announced ‘Global Biofuel Alliance’ bringing 19 nations and 12 organizations together to work in the domain of green and clean energy. Apart from contributing to the objectives of sustainable development goal and green development, Global Biofuel Alliance will also provide a chance to the emerging economies to boost their economic growth. Bharat, Brazil and the US have agreed to play the leadership role in this alliance and this will add to the global solar alliance (read: another pathbreaking global alliance pioneered by Bharat!) majorly.

Bharat Shines as Global Leader at G-20 Summit
In two days of G-20 summit, Bharat not only successfully convened the three sessions on Earth, Future and Family, it also taught the world to adopt the Gandhian way of self-reliance, peace, non-violence, cooperation, democracy and collaboration. International media featured Bharat as a true global leader for bringing the nations of the two worlds on the same stage seamlessly, democratizing the mighty platform of G-20, making it people’s G-20 and coming out with much awaited Delhi Declaration document without a single footnote (read: dissent). This has happened in the history of G-20 for the first time. Delhi declaration will certainly prove to be a milestone in the history of diplomacy and global affairs. Divided in to eight sections or chapters, this document opens with the beautiful preamble that talks about ‘for the planet, people, places and prosperity’. Bharat’s vision for ‘one earth, one family and one future’ reflects in all eight chapters ranging from strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth, accelerated progress of SDGs, green developments, multilateral institutions of 21st century to technical transformation and digital economy, international taxation, gender equality and empowering women and girls, financial sector, countering terrorism and money laundering, and creating an all-inclusive world. This is new Bharat, a Vishwaguru, a Vishw-mitra! And needless to say, the credit goes to our dynamic Prime Minister, Shri Modi for taking Bharat to the new heights in the world politics.

Chinese Defence Minister’s Mysterious Disappearance Raises Concerns
When Bharat was busy in bringing the world together on the platform of G-20, Chinese defence minister disappeared in the thin air just like its foreign minister disappeared (we should learn this art of vanishing its people from China!) few days back. This was a shocking news for everyone except for China. Well, this seems to be only the tip of the iceberg considering personal ambitions of Xi, nature of China as a nation, internal challenges that China is facing presently and the way it has earned a bad name in the world by using negative tactics to attain power. China needs to understand that this is not the era of blind competitions. Instead of engaging in negative politics, it must respect democratic values and start collaborating with the nations working for global good.

US Political Drama: Hunter Biden’s Legal Troubles Loom
A political drama has unfolded in the US as well. Though the US President enjoyed every bit of Bharat hospitality in New Delhi during the G-20 summit, he is now facing a tricky situation in the US as his son, Hunter Biden, is facing serious charges of lying about his drug use along with purchasing a firearm in 2018. This was a period when he has agreed he was struggling with drug addiction according to the indictment filed in federal court. The timing of this incident has added to the worries of Biden. This incident has provided a great opportunity to Republicans to start an impeachment inquiry into the Democratic president. They are also adding this incident with Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings. On the other hand, the democrats, who are already opposing Biden’s candidature for the upcoming presidential elections in the US due to his age and falling health, have also got an opportunity to add to their reasons to oppose Biden. This incident will certainly have political repercussions and Biden will have to face a tough time to prove his candidature for the upcoming presidential elections. Time flies and changes too! Both time and politics are ever-changing. With multiple complex dimensions involved, global politics will keep evolving. Amid the changing dynamics of global politics, Bharat has taught to the world to keep one thing constant-peace and security for all! Hope the world realises this is the core of the politics.

The author is Professor, School of International Studies, JNU

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