Better late than never: ‘Kohrra’ star Suvinder Vicky


The spotlight is finally shining on “Kohrra” star Suvinder Vicky after years of hard work in films and the actor, grateful for his moment in the sun, can only say – “Better late than never”. Vicky’s turn as the tormented Sub-Inspector Balbir Singh battling his personal demons while solving the murder of an NRI groom in the crime drama has audiences asking just who the actor is. “I feel good that people want to know about me. I want to thank viewers from the bottom of my heart for appreciating my performance” the actor told the media.
The Sirsa-born actor, who started out by primarily working in Punjabi films such as “Munde U.K. De”, “Kabaddi Ikk Mohabbat” and “Yaraan Naal Baharaan 2”, said he is overwhelmed that filmmakers have personally reached out to him to praise his work. “There are times when you are sad and you look up to god and ask ‘kyun’ (why).  I got the answer to my ‘kyun’ by realizing that ‘I was the one who opted for this, so I have to prove myself’,” he said reflectively.
Vicky gives credit to his father for inspiring him to become an actor.
The love for theatre and acting began early with his father who would often take him to workshops and cultural activities.