Priya Banerjee started her career with the Telugu film ‘Kiss’ and is winning our hearts since then. Her web show ‘Bhanwar’ came in the lockdown which made it to the headline before its release. Priya has also been shooting for a South web series, ‘11th Hour’. She mesmerised her fans with her bold and beautiful avatar in ‘Twisted 3’. The actress will also be seen in ‘Jamai Raja 2.0’ and ‘Bekaboo 2’.

Priya spoke exclusively to The Sunday Guardian and told us about ‘Bekaboo 2’.

Q.How excited are you for being a part of ‘Bekaboo 2’?

 Well, ‘Bekaboo 1’ did so amazingly well that I was sure that people would be waiting for Season 2. Being a part of a hit franchise is always great.

Q.How different is Season 1 from Season 2? 

 Season 2 is a continuation of Season 1 so to understand what’s going on in Season 2 you must watch Season 1. Also, there are many more new characters this season with new twists and turns. It will keep you hooked to your seats.

Q.What does your character look like in the series? How relatable is it?

Kashti is very different in this season. She’s just like a girl next door who’s fun and loves doing exciting stuff. She’s more relatable this season for sure. I have put in a lot of efforts to make sure I entertain the audience and my fans with my performance as Kashti. Because of ‘Bekaboo’ people know me as Kashti so I have to live up to the name always.

Q.How different is the experience of working for a web series from a film?

Other than the medium where it releases it’s no different at all. The process of shooting is always the same but not denying shooting for OTT gives you a lot of liberty to explore your character and acting skills. You can play with the script and the way you want your character to be portrayed.