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Beauty & makeup tips to look Insta-worthy this Raksha Bandhan

Shahnaz Husain



All of us, especially women, are eagerly for Raksha Bandhan, more so as it would give us a reason to smile, laugh and spread joy amid Covid-19. And of course, celebrate the loving bond of siblings.

As a sister visiting your brother’s or cousin’s home or as the host to these festivities, you would want to look beautiful and glamorous. It is all about choosing the right shades of colour cosmetics as it can make or break the look. Selecting them according to skin colour and tone is as essential as learning the techniques of application. Your natural skin tone is most important while selecting foundations. Try to buy one that is closest to your skin colour. Face powder may be of the same shade as the foundation. If you wish to tone down a tan, select a powder that is one shade lighter but in the same colour tone.

Flaunt a festive-ready look this Rakhi with herbal beauty tips to ensure you have a pleasant day filled with the joy of brother-sister affection. It’s a good idea to start early by following few beauty tips prior to the occasion to add a natural glow to your skin. In this hot and humid season, your skin needs toning and refreshing.

Here are some home remedies:

Watermelon juice: It is a good skin-toner and relieves dryness too. It cools, refreshes and softens the skin. Apply on the face and wash off with plain water after 20 minutes.

Fruit Mask for all skin types: Banana, apple, papaya and orange can be mixed and applied on the face. Keep it on for 20 to 30 minutes and wash off with water. It cools the skin, cleanses dead cells and removes tan.

Cooling mask: Mix cucumber juice with two tsp powdered milk and one egg white into a smooth paste. Apply for half an hour on face and neck and rinse off with water.

Mask for oily skin: Mix one tablespoon Multani Mitti with rose water into a paste and apply on the face. Wash off when dry.

After applying the face mask, take two cotton wool pads soaked in rose water and place them on closed lids. Lie down and just relax. Used tea bags can also do the trick. Soak them in a little warm water, squeeze out excess water and place on closed eyes.

To soften rough, bushy or frizzy hair, mix some water with creamy hair conditioner and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the hair. Then comb the hair, so that it spreads through the hair.

Raksha Bandhan is usually celebrated during the day. Daytime makeup has to be light and carefully done. If you have clear skin, skip the foundation. After cleansing, apply a sunscreen with a built-in moisturiser, then apply translucent powder. For oily skin, apply astringent lotion, instead of moisturiser followed by compact powder. Pay attention to the oily areas of the face like nose, forehead and chin while applying compact powder. Press the powder with a slightly damp sponge. This helps it to set and last longer. If you wish to apply blusher, less is more and blend well. Blush-on should add a flush to your cheeks.

For eye makeup stick to eye pencils during the day or line your eyelids with brown or grey eye shadow. This gives a softer effect. Then, apply only one coat of mascara which helps to make the eyes look darker and brighter but prevents the “heavily made-up” look.

For lipstick, avoid very dark colours. Go for light pastel shades or use only lip gloss. First, outline the lips with a lip pencil of the same shade as your lipstick. Fill in colour with a lipstick brush.

 For Raksha Bandhan, you can try a new hairstyle like putting up your hair with fancy hair clips or ribbons. Wearing flowers in the hair is a great idea.

Fair skin: While choosing foundation for very fair skin, go for beige with a rosy (pinkish) tint. For fair skins, use beige, pink or orange undertones. If the complexion is fair but sallow (i.e. yellowish), avoid pink tones and go for beige or biscuit shades. For eye colours, pick a brown eyebrow pencil. Apply dark brown or dark grey eyeshadow over black eyeliner. It will tone down the stark black look. For fair skin, try pinks and reds for blushers and avoid dark colours in lipstick.

Wheatish complexion: Most Indian complexions are wheatish. Go for water-based foundations. Use bronze or brown eye shadow. Add a touch of gold under the brow. For blusher, try bronze. For the lips, go for warm earthy colours. A dark pink or rosered would look good too.

Dusky/Olive: Dusky or olive complexions look better with brownish beige shades for the foundation. It should be a colour that will add some glow to the skin. For blushers, go with darker pink or even some brown shades. Highlighting powder will help to add glow. Try it on your cheeks along with your nose and forehead.

Dark Skin: If you have dark skin, choose liquid foundations instead of a creamy one. Try out foundation colours in natural brown tones. Use a kajal pencil to outline the eyes. This can have a stunning effect on dark skins. For blusher, try a dark rose pink colour. For lips, a dark complexion looks good in vibrant colours. Go for warmer tones. Bright red lipstick can be toned down with tinted lip gloss.

Don’t forget to wear the most important accessory, your confidence as you share the warmth of love and affection with all family members.

The author is a well-known beauty expert.

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Nithya Rajendran



I had an interesting session today with a student of music. This session was one that had to combine therapy with music, since the student in question had approached me with a specific purpose. She wanted to see how learning and engaging in classical music could help her through some life challenges she was facing. The first five or six sessions with her, over the past few weeks, were simply about trying to understand her life and difficulties. Through these sessions, I had taken her through some breathing and singing exercises that involved stabilizing her voice, breath and mind. I had also begun doing some music exercises with her. In today’s session, I began by asking her how she was feeling. This was just a general question I had posed, since I did not expect our sessions to have started influencing her mental state just yet. But what she said took me by pleasant surprise.

She said that she was already feeling very deeply helped because she felt ‘safe’ in the presence of music. She felt like she was in the presence of something pristine and beautiful, and that that itself was immensely healing. She had, in addition, been listening to links to my classical music concerts, and said that the sound of classical music made her feel safe and happy already. I responded by saying that I had not even begun doing the meatier stuff with her, and that this may actually be a placebo. She said with gratitude and conviction that, as a scientist herself, she was sure that what she felt was genuine and real. This was one of the most gratifying moments for me.

I have been advocating, for a while now, the use of classical music to develop mindfulness and awareness, and harness its immensely healing attributes. But I did not expect that I would see such profound effects even before beginning work that I thought was substantial enough to start helping someone. Today’s session made me realize that classical music, when served with compassion and kindness to the learner, has an almost instant healing impact. Music intrinsically has the ability to disarm and make people engage. If we can couple that with an environment that is understanding, forgiving and loving, we can create the perfect setting for emotional healing and catharsis. The learner can become aware, still and totally committed to the present.

Another attribute of classical music which can help us connect emotionally to the learner are Raagas. Due to their versatile mood content and emotive powers, Raagas can give us the ability to connect with the learner’s mood and bring them out of his or her shell. This may have happened in my session with the lady today. As I embarked on teaching her a ‘bandish’ in Sarang, a bright and soothing afternoon Raaga, she felt energized, happy and peaceful, a state far removed from the worries and concerns that had been plaguing her.

I have observed many a time that there is often a dearth of compassion and love in the way music is taught. Musical teaching sometimes lacks the handholding approach that a learner really needs. The reason this is the case is because, so far, classical music has been reserved for the few who are ‘deserving’, musically ‘gifted’ ones. My argument is that if music is meant to soothe and heal the spirit and is indeed a conduit to the divine, why should only some partake of this privilege? People may derive immense pleasure from listening to music. But they derive even more validation and pleasure when they can be taught to produce music, even if it is not perfect. It is beautiful and healing because it bears the student’s unique signature and comes straight from his or her soul. There is a reason we use the phrase ‘singing one’s heart out’.

Today’s session with my student taught me to have conviction in my belief that classical music has to break barriers and reach every soul. Because it is the birthright of every soul on this planet to have access to happiness and healing. It is right of every human being to ask for tools to be happy, and it is the duty of every classical musician to share the healing power of music with those who seek it. Classical music is not a property to be kept or preserved. It is a life force that needs to set free for people to thrive in.

So why should we wait any longer? Let us find our own safe space in music and allow others to find it too. A space to experience timelessness and bliss.

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Noor Anand Chawla



Come January, the topmost things on everyone’s mind are their health and fitness goals for the year. However, crash diets and barely-used gym memberships are not the correct way to approach one’s fitness journey, if the idea is to stay on track long term. This was the lesson that Sahil Bansal and Mehakdeep (Mac) Singh learnt the hard way, before joining hands to simplify the fitness journeys of others through their unique fitness app – Fitelo.

In his fat-to-fit journey, Bansal’s biggest learning was that fitness is about building habits and changing one’s lifestyle. Singh was overweight since childhood and tried every possible weight loss solution but his weight would always come back. Finally, he lost 60 kgs when he made the switch to natural foods.

Their own weight loss journeys taught them valuable lessons, and together they launched Fitelo in 2019 to offer assistance to people in achieving their fitness goals. They do this by designing wellness plans customized and personalized as per individual needs on the basis of the person’s age, their body’s needs, their goals, lifestyle, diseases, family history, stress and activity levels, and other factors.

“We have experience of working with corporates and startups, and we understand human psychology as well as technology. We are also passionate about fitness. With more than 10 years of industry experience each, we have built a high-performance team that understands health, psychology, and customer service,” declare the founders.

Fitelo offers a subscription based model. Once a customer purchases a plan, a health coach is assigned to them, and throughout the journey, they are managed by the AI-enabled platform. The plans vary from ₹3000 monthly for weight management cases to 50,000 annual plan for disease management cases. With over 50 expert coaches on board, Fitelo has facilitated a number of amazing transformations.

The founders say, “Exercise has a 20 percent role in weight loss and diet is 80 percent. Therefore we mainly focus on the diet. We encourage you to do a 20 minute walk every day or get involved in household chores or take part in a home workout session to supplement the diet goals.”

Since the pandemic, fitness apps have gained tremendous momentum. According to a World Economic Forum study, India recorded a 156 percent increase in the download of health and fitness apps in the first two quarters of 2021. Hence, Fitelo is poised for success.

“Every fitness journey is different. So are each individual’s goals. As such, the length of the program could vary from 6-12 months. Habit building takes time. We request our users to enrol in our programs for a long-term period to see permanent changes in their bodies and lifestyle,” say the founders.

In the next five years, Fitelo plans to be a one-stop shop for sustainable and natural weight loss and fitness. The team is looking to make Fitelo into a platform where an unhealthy or unfit person can search for awareness on the subject, consult experts, and purchase products or services that can help them achieve their long-term fitness goals.

“Fitelo is the easiest way to get seriously fit. We work on modifying the lifestyle of an individual step by step. So, our clients get fit and are able to stay fit in the easiest possible way. Our methodology is completely natural. Our program doesn’t require having access to any gym, any fitness equipment. In fact, we don’t even recommend any fad diets or the use of any supplements or medicines. We help our clients gain better understanding of their behavioural habits and improve their nutrition and lifestyles on the basis of that,” share the founders.

The bedrock of being fit is to make a lifelong habit of it. One can only build a habit when they take small steps repeatedly over a period of time. Every weight loss product or service on the market, promises people instant results. As a result of this, unfortunately, people lose weight but regain it after a few months – and enter a vicious cycle in the process. For true fitness, one must inculcate healthy habits into their daily life. This is the only sustainable and long-lasting way to lose weight, stay fit and avoid diseases.

The writer pens lifestyle articles for various publications and her blog She can be reached on

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