Beauty Empowered: Fifth Season Of ‘MRS. INDIA – PRIDE OF NATION’ Leaves A Trail Of Inspiration And Success


The spotlight fades, but the impact remains. The fifth season of “MRS. INDIA – PRIDE OF NATION” has concluded with resounding success. This esteemed pageant showcased its participants’ beauty and talent and ignited a powerful wave of empowerment that reverberated throughout the country.

The grand finale of MRS. INDIA – PRIDE OF NATION 2023 was held at the Taj Amer in Jaipur. The event witnessed the presence of a star-studded celebrity jury, which included the renowned Prachi Shah Pandiya, Monika Nangia, Akash K Aggarwal, Namrata Sinani Garg. A total of 150 confident and charismatic finalists from diverse backgrounds and walks of life enthralled the audience with their remarkable presence.

Group A Winner was Nomita Dogra , First runner up was Bhavini Shah and Second Runner Up was Priyadarshini Manocha, whereas Group B Winner was Sneha Gharmalkar, First Runner Up -was Sita Lakshami and Second Runner Up was Ayesha Patel, From Group C winner was Tripti Motwani , First Runner up was Jasnit Kaur and Second Runner up was Pallavi Srisvastava

The auditions drew participants from across the country and even had international representation. Notably, each group comprised 22 subtitles, and four zonal winners were announced from each category.

From its humble beginnings, this extraordinary platform has evolved into a catalyst for change, uplifting and inspiring women to embrace their individuality, pursue their dreams, and make their mark on the world. As we reflect on the immense impact of this season, we witness the extraordinary triumphs, the unbreakable spirit, and the limitless potential that reside within every woman.

The journey of ‘MRS. INDIA – PRIDE OF NATION’ has been incredible, filled with awe-inspiring stories of personal growth and empowerment,” exclaims Barkha Nangia, the Director of Glamour Gurgaon. “Season after season, we have witnessed a remarkable transformation among the women who participate in this prestigious pageant. It is truly heartening to see them evolve in terms of their confidence and grace and their determination to make a difference in society. ‘MRS. INDIA – PRIDE OF NATION’ serves as a powerful platform that instil self-belief and encourages women to break barriers, pursue their dreams, and become strong role models for others.”

The grand event was supported by Abeertech, Subhashi Ornaments, Recode, Vedic Valley, Fuschia, Self Love, Uk International, Make your Mark, AWPEM Academy of Event Management, Heights- An Institute of Fashion & Technology, Beauness by Arpita, Physiovits, World of Nech, O’Gardener, Chokho Chhapo, Typsy Beauty, Mintree USA, Maggi Masala, Silver Screen Partner- Bling Ping, and other esteemed partners.

The mesmerizing choreographed moves of show director Shie Lobo left the audience spellbound.

Adding to this, Prachee said, “I am immensely proud to be a part of this incredible journey of empowerment and look forward to witnessing many more women rise and shine in the forthcoming seasons.”

The platform empowers married women to confidently embrace their individuality and enter the world. Women across India audition in large numbers, challenging their limits and pursuing their dreams. In addition to its mission of honouring women, MRS. INDIA – PRIDE OF NATION has actively undertaken initiatives to promote Breast Cancer awareness.

Gurgaon’s past winners and participants of “Mrs. India Pride of Nation ” have carved remarkable success stories in various industries, showcasing their talent and determination. Dr. Rajbir Randhawa, a shining example, has achieved tremendous acclaim in the entertainment industry, with appearances in ALTBalaji’s web series “Who’s your Daddy” and the film “Street Dancer 3.” Sweta Sarangal, another esteemed winner, has emerged as a renowned name in Punjabi movies, captivating audiences in films like “Main V/S Tu ” and featuring in a digital ad for PNB MetLife. Namrata Senani, a Glamour Gurgaon’s pageant winner, has graced numerous brand advertisements for leading names such as Glen India, Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic, and LIC. These success stories underscore Glamour Gurgaon’s pageants’ immense opportunities and exposure, continuing to empower aspiring individuals and open doors to a world of possibilities.