Bajrang Dal Leader Monu Manesar allegedly at centre in communal violence in Gurugram


The violence was sparked by rumours that Monu Manesar, a leader of the Bajrang Dal who is wanted for his alleged participation in the death of two Muslim men earlier this year, was present at a religious parade on Monday in Nuh, Haryana, close to Gurugram.

Four people, including at least 30 others, were hurt in the battle between two factions yesterday in Nuh, which resulted in the deaths of two Home Guards and one other person. Due to the unrest and hostile environment there, a mosque in Gurugram caught fire throughout the course of the night.

Monu Manesar is quoted as claiming that the Vishwa Hindu Parishad advised him not to attend the gathering because they thought it would be tense if he went.

Since being charged with the kidnapping and murder of two Muslim men discovered dead in a burned-out car in February in Bhiwani, Monu Manesar, 30, has eluded the police.

Junaid and Nasir, two livestock traffickers, were found dead in a burned-out automobile in Bhiwani. Their families in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, claim that the Bajrang Dal members battered and killed them; the organisation denies any involvement in the incident.

Manesar managed to flee several times after knowledge about their attempts to arrest him leaked, according to Rajasthan police.

Known for releasing footage of cow vigilante attacks, Monu Manesar, also known as Mohit Yadav, is the leader of a cow vigilante organisation in Mewat. He also participates actively in efforts against love jihad, a term popularised by the rightwing to describe the allegedly forcible conversion of Hindu women by Muslim men.