Australia hold advantage after thrilling opening Ashes Test at Lord’s


The opening match of the 2023 Ashes series between England and Australia lived up to expectations, with Australia winning by 2 wickets and taking a crucial 1-0 lead. The intensity displayed in the first Test has set the stage for an exciting series ahead. Now the second match of the series between the two teams will be played from June 28 at the historic Lord’s Cricket Ground.
Australia currently holds the advantage, thanks to a remarkable partnership between Pat Cummins and Nathan Lyon. England missed opportunities and Stuart Broad’s no-ball dismissal of Usman Khawaja added to their woes. However, England remains determined to bounce back and draw inspiration from the iconic 2005 Ashes contest. The focus now shifts to the historic Lord’s Cricket Ground, where the second Test will take place. This match holds significant importance as it could either solidify Australia’s grip on the series or allow England to level the score, setting the stage for a thrilling battle.
England faces more questions than Australia, particularly regarding their decision to go without a frontline spinner and the variety in their bowling attack. Additionally, concerns surround the fitness of Ben Stokes and Ben Duckett’s vulnerability against Australia’s pace bowlers. England’s approach will likely be aggressive as they seek to respond to defeat.
Australia acknowledges that there is room for improvement despite their victory in the first Test. England’s missed opportunities could come back to haunt them, and Australia aims to capitalize on their weaknesses. Both teams are prepared for a challenging contest at Lord’s.
Looking at their overall Test record, England has won 110 matches against Australia’s 151 out of the 357 matches played between the two teams. At Lord’s Cricket Ground, out of the 37 matches played, England has won only 7, while Australia has emerged victorious in 15. As the second Test approaches, the marker for the Ashes series has been set, and cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the drama and excitement that lies ahead. The battles between these historic rivals continue to captivate fans, and the outcome of the series remains uncertain. Sunil Yash Kalra is a Women’s Cricket Historian & Founder of Indian Sports Fans