Assam Rifles and Customs Preventive Force seize smuggled areca nuts worth Rs 91.56 lakhs in Mizoram


In an operation against smuggling activities, Assam Rifles, under the leadership of Inspector General Assam Rifles (East), successfully recovered 249 bags of Areca Nuts valued at Rs 91.56 lakhs in the general area of Vill Chhungte, Champhai District, Mizoram, on October 8.

According to a press release, the operation was a collaborative effort between Assam Rifles and the Customs Preventive Force in Champhai, based on specific information received by the authorities.

The entire consignment of 249 bags of Areca Nuts, with an estimated worth of Rs 91,56,000 (Rupees Ninety-one Lakh Fifty-six Thousand), has been handed over to the Customs Preventive Force in Champhai for further legal proceedings.

The ongoing smuggling of contraband items has been a major concern for the state of Mizoram and India as a whole. Assam Rifles, often referred to as the ‘Sentinels of the Northeast,’ has consistently intensified its efforts to combat illegal smuggling activities.

Their operations not only focus on intercepting smuggled goods but also aim to apprehend the key figures behind these illicit activities in Mizoram.

This recent success is a testament to Assam Rifles’ commitment to maintaining law and order in the region and safeguarding against the illegal trafficking of contraband items, which pose significant threats to the state and the nation.