As Manipur simmers, Mizoram assures safety of Meiteis amid exodus reports


After reports of hundreds of Meitei people from southern Assam and Manipur leaving Mizoram following a public call by former insurgents in the state to do so, the Mizoram government has reassured the safety of Meitei residents in the state.
The government’s pledge for the safety of the Meitei community surfaced amidst their exodus triggered by an “advisory” from a former militants’ association in Mizoram. The advisory was in response to escalating tension resulting from a viral video showing two tribal women being stripped and paraded naked by a mob in Manipur.
State Home Commissioner and Secretary H Lalengmawia met with leaders of the Meitei community, assuring them of their safety and security, according to an official statement.
Approximately 1,500 Meitei families are known to reside and work across Mizoram, according to official sources. There have been widespread reports of Meiteis leaving the capital city, Aizawl, by various modes of transportation.
The influential civil society group, the Central Young Mizo Association (CYMA), has also encouraged the Meiteis to live peacefully. The Mizo Students Union (MZU) has decided to halt its proposed drive to collect data about Meiteis in Mizoram after discussions with the state government.
The outrage in Mizoram over the viral video of two tribal women being sexually assaulted in Manipur led to panic among the small community of Meiteis residing in Mizoram.
The Manipur government has expressed willingness to evacuate them from the state via chartered flight if the situation deteriorates. However, no attack on the Meitei community has been reported so far.