Argentina President Alberto Angel Fernandez arrives in New Delhi to attend G20 summit


Alberto Angel Fernandez, the president of Argentina, arrived in New Delhi on Friday to attend the September 9–10 G20 Summit. Faggan Singh Kulaste, a minister of state for steel and rural development, met Fernandez at the airport in Delhi. The five nations that make up the BRICS alliance—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—invited Argentina and five other nations to join after the 15th BRICS conference.
Hugo Javier Gobbi, the ambassador of Argentina to India, lauded India’s contribution to the growth of BRICS and asserted that “India’s support would not have made his country’s inclusion in the group possible.”
In addition, the Ministry of External Affairs claims that relations between India and Argentina are amicable and involve political, economic, scientific, and technological cooperation, including joint Antarctic research.
India and Argentina have consistently backed one another on important global issues as well as India’s candidacy for membership in a number of UN and multilateral organizations. Argentina has constantly expressed its thanks, especially for India’s assistance in helping Argentina with the Malvinas Islands sovereignty issue and more recently with the issue of servicing the nation’s debt and dealing with holdout creditors.