Andhra Pradesh CM directs officials to expedite MGNREGS works on priority basis

Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy directed the officials to complete MGNREGS works on a priority basis and said to give priority to complete the construction of Village Secretariats, RBKs, YSR Health Clinics, and YSR Digital Libraries, the chief minister’s office (CMO) informed on Monday.

During the review meeting held on the progress of various programmes in Panchayat Raj and the Rural Development Department, the chief minister instructed officials to plan for the construction of BMCUs considering districts and regions where Amul Project is being implemented. He said to complete the works on a priority basis considering MGNREGS funds being released to the state.

Detailing the progress of works related to Jagananna Swacha Sankalpam and CLAP programmes, the officials informed the chief minister that garbage collection in rural areas was started from 22% of households in rural areas in November and now it has reached 61.5% and added that they would complete targets by October, the release read.

The chief minister directed the officials to improve sanitation in rural areas and said to take special measures where sewage water is stored.

The officials said they have conducted a survey and identified 582 locations where sewage water is stored and planning to treat water using soil biotreatment, wetland treatment, waste stabilisation ponds and other methods in those locations.

Reddy instructed the officials to start those works and complete them within a year and added to focus on their maintenance and that of community sanitary complexes.

The sewage water should not be stored in residential areas to ensure better living standards for people, he said.

He asked to focus on the maintenance of Faecal Sludge Treatment Plants (FSTP). The chief minister reviewed on YSR Jalakala scheme and instructed the officials to hand over one rig to each constituency to drill borewells for farmers and add to fix motors to them.

The chief minister said the necessity to construct and repair roads has come due to the negligence of the previous government, heavy rains in the last two years and lack of maintenance. He directed the officials to complete road repair works.

He said there should be the best action plan for construction, repair and maintenance of roads and directed the officials to ensure no shortage of funds.

Reddy further instructed the officials to take measures to supply drinking water in the Jagananna colonies.

The officials were instructed further to focus on setting up infrastructure facilities in the colonies by the time construction of houses is completed. He said to focus on maintenance of drinking water supply schemes in Villages.

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