Amity University Organised Global Tutelage For Study Abroad Program

Amity University Mumbai has organized a Study Abroad Program Series “Global Tutelage”. The program was for students who are aspiring to study abroad program and are in the process of applying for research work and interested to explore international education arena and its diversification. The series was organized by Corporate Resource Center and International Affair Cell of Amity University, Mumbai.

In two day series eminent speakers like Dr. Ravishankar Palanivelu, Associate Professor at University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, USA, Dr. Sadhana Ravishankar, Professor at University of Arizona, USA, Dr. Lian, Senior Staff in International Graduate from Center of Education, Charles Darwin University, Australia and Preethi Sudhakara, doctoral researcher University of Florida, USA, guided the students, faculties.

While speaking at the program, Dr. Ravishankar Palanivelu, said, “Before going to the United States or any other foreign countries, students must set their career goals. Students should not match themselves with the universities instead they should find the universities, which matches them, their priorities, interest and long term goals. This will ultimately determine student’s success.” He outlined five steps to take before moving to the USA, these are researching options, financing study and stay, completing application at universities, applying for a visa and finally preparing for departure.

In his talk, he emphasized on important of selection of universities, writing statement of purpose, how to get letter of recommendations and preparing the right CV to get into right university.

Dr. Sadhana Ravishankar talked about professional development opportunities and strategies for success in Higher education in the United States. She has guide about the strategies for Graduates and undergraduates to initiate their study abroad journey, the process and preparation before applying for SAP and Acing a Fellowship & recommendation letters. Dr. Ania Lian, Senior Staff in International Graduate Centre of Education – Charles Darwin University, Australia emphasized on Quality Assurance, IDPs, Scholarships and the communication and language proficiency an applicant needs to make their way for a successful abroad program.

Ms. Preethi Sudhakara from University of Florida spoke on new skills that are vital for SAP, and she also stretched on research and course work. She coved a detailed process of application and about building contacts and network which is crucial for career building on foreign land.

Study Abroad Program (SAP) allows students to learn about other academic cultures. It develops Intellectual maturity while also improving co-curricular skills and long-term employability. It emphasizes on developing a student’s ability to articulate the academic benefits and challenges of studying abroad and how these relate to transferable skills required for future employment or study. The students opting for SAP will be able to reflect on skills learned and knowledge gained and how these may contribute to future academic development. It helps in developing enhanced professional communication, presentation & interpersonal skills as well as networking.

Amity university offers 3 continent program (3C), for management, engineering, journalism and fashion design. 3 continent programme provide student aiming for global success, with a unique opportunity to attain invaluable global exposure through attending a semester at Amity university Campuses in the UK and USA. 3 Continent programme ensures that the students get mentored by leading internationally renowned faculty in their chosen field of academics,

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