Allahabad High Court Granted Interim Relief To Management Student Denied To Write Exam Due To Attendance Shortfall| Holiday Hearing


The Allahabad High Court in the case Sanya Yadav vs. State Of Uttar Pradesh And 2 Others observed and has allowed the management student, who was short of attendance, to appear in the supplementary examination to be held at Amity University on November 16.
The bench headed by Chief Justice Pritinker Diwaker was hearing the matter after an urgent mention was made before the Registry for taking up the matter on Wednesday and hence, the same was taken up and heard at his residence at 3:30 pm.
In the present case, the writ-plea was moved by the petitioner-student i.e., the Sanya Yadav raised a grievance that though she had attended all the classes of Marketing Management in the MBA, Media Management course at Amity University, however, due to a technical flaw in the portal, her attendance had been shown inadequate and due to which she was not being permitted in order to appear for the supplementary examination for the said subject which is due to take place on Thursday i.e., November 6.
Before the Chief Justice’s bench, it was strongly contended that if the petitioner-student is not permitted to appear in the examination, she would lose her six valuable months.
Further, it was argued that she may be allowed to appear in the supplementary examination subject to the result of the present writ petition and if the petitioner fails, she undertakes to pay heavy cost to the University.
The counsel appearing for the Amity University submitted before the court that an admission card cannot be issued at such a belated stage.
On the other hand, the counsel appearing for the parties and while perusing the record and considering the facts and circumstances of the case stated that the present matter relates to a student, where each examination is important.
The bench also directed that the petitioner be permitted to appear in the supplementary examination.
Adding to it, the court stated that her result may not be declared without prior permission of the Court and in the eventuality of the statement of the petitioner being found incorrect, she may be subjected to paying a heavy cost to the University.
Accordingly, the court listed the matter for further consideration on December 14, 2023.