All four demands of Sarpanches will be fulfilled, e-tendering will end, when Congress government is FORMED: HOODA


Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda has said in Tohana on Sunday that the e-tendering system, which hands over Panchayats to contractors and is the mother of corruption, will be abolished when the Congress government is formed in the state.
Addressing the Panchayati Raj Bachao Adhikar Rally’ called by all the sarpanches of the state in Tohana on Sunday, as the chief guest, Hooda said provisions of interference of MLAs and right to recall in Panchayati Raj will be withdrawn so that the independence of Panchayats can be ensured. All Panchayat representatives and thousands of people present on this occasion took oath to uproot BJP-JJP from the power of Haryana. State Congress President Chaudhary Udaibhan also specially participated in the rally.
Hooda said that Gram Panchayat is not small, but the real government. “Mahatma Gandhi had envisioned Village Swaraj, which was implemented by Congress. I was present in the Lok Sabha as an MP when the 73rd and 74th amendments to the Constitution were made,” he said.
“In this amendment, a provision was made to give full power to the Panchayats. But BJP-JJP worked to curtail these rights by implementing systems like e-tendering, interference of MLAs and right to recall. If the government wants to bring Right to Recall, then it should first be implemented on MLAs and MPs,” he said.
“BJP-JJP do not believe in democratic institutions and want to hand over everything to contractors, so that they can loot public money with both hands and they don’t have to answer to anyone. The truth is that the work that elected Panchayats can do for the development of villages cannot be done by any contractor or officer,” he added.
“When the Congress government was formed in the state in 2005, most of the villages had unpaved streets, village roads and footpaths were unpaved, but Congress trusted the panchayats and spent Rs 20,000 crore to improve the infrastructure in the villages,” he said.
“Rural Development Commission and Finance Commission were also created. For the first time, on the recommendation of the Finance Commission, Rs 12,000 crore was sent directly to the Panchayat and the result was that by 2014, streets, roads and footpaths were paved in every village of the state,” he added.
“Construction of cemented roads in the village was started during the Congress tenure itself. The initiative to develop a model village was also taken then. The result was that Haryana’s rural development emerged as a model for the entire country, from which other states also learned,” he noted.
Hooda said during the Congress tenure itself, 3,82,000 plots of 100 yards were distributed free of cost under the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Settlement Scheme. “This was the first such scheme in the history of the country. To improve the cleanliness system in the village, 11000 sanitation workers were directly hired  and payment of honorarium to Panchayati Raj institutions was started and sports stadiums were built in every village,” he stated.
“To provide relief to villagers and farmers, electricity bills worth Rs 1600 crore were waived off. Due to all these revolutionary and welfare schemes, Haryana took a new flight of development and Haryana became the number one state in the country on every parameter, including per capita income, per capita investment, employment generation and development. But today, BJP-JJP have taken Haryana to the first position in terms of unemployment, crime, drugs and poverty.