All Departments Unite to Ensure Success of Ramdevra Bhadwa Fair


A meeting was held under the chairmanship of B.L. Mehra, the Commissioner of the Jodhpur Division, to discuss the upcoming Bhadwa Fair in the religious town of Ramdevra. The meeting included the participation of key officials, such as Jodhpur I.G. Jay Narayan Sher, District Collector Ashish Gupta, Police Superintendent Vikas Sangwan, and Mela Officer Gopal Parihar, among others, from various departments.
The Commissioner emphasized the need for a well-organized fair with timely arrangements, urging all departments to collaborate effectively. He ascertained that no negligence or lapses would be tolerated during the fair. The meeting extensively discussed administrative and village council arrangements and the provision of facilities for devotees. The path for pedestrians should be kept clean, and reflectors should be provided to NHAI vehicle passengers to ensure safety during nighttime. In addition, private buses are advised not to carry passengers on their rooftops. Regarding parking, government parking spaces are to be utilized efficiently during the fair, with strict police enforcement. Additionally, temporary public restrooms should increase to maintain cleanliness during the event. Lastly, all department officials were urged to work in harmony to ensure the successful organization of the Bhadwa Fair.