Akash Anand to boost BSP’s presence in Haryana


Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) National Coordinator Akash Anand is slated to visit Haryana soon, signalling the party’s renewed focus on bolstering its presence in the state. It is anticipated that Anand will attend a significant rally in Hisar on September 28. Anand, who is also the nephew of BSP supremo Mayawati, has been continually engaging in active politics alongside his aunt since delivering his inaugural speech at a Meerut rally in 2017.
Despite facing criticism for his lavish lifestyle highlighted by an incident involving high-priced Gucci shoes worn at an SP-BSP alliance press conference in January 2019, Anand has steadily risen within the party ranks. His leadership role was affirmed when he was enlisted as one of the champions in the 2019 elections. With an MBA degree from London and experience in managing his father’s business, Anand brings a blend of educational background and business acumen to his political career which began officially in 2016.
As BSP aims to expand its foothold in Haryana, a state where it has experienced fluctuating success in the past, the upcoming Hisar rally represents a critical juncture in their political strategy. The party, which has witnessed its vote share swing between 4.37% in recent assembly elections to a high of 6.37% in 2009, is hopeful that Anand’s engagement can help galvanise support and augment its voter base.
Positioned as the fourth-largest party in Haryana, BSP has historically enjoyed a considerable vote bank in the state, with candidates securing between 10 to 28% of votes on 13 seats in previous elections. This time around, the leaders are channelling their efforts to rejuvenate the party’s support base, leveraging Anand’s rising prominence as a potential asset in connecting with the electorate and steering the party towards a path of growth in Haryana’s vibrant political landscape. As September 28 approaches, the BSP and Haryana are keenly watching to see if the young leader can spearhead a campaign that reinvigorates the party’s standings in a state where it has both a legacy and stakes in the ongoing electoral dynamics.