AIIMS mess food fails FSSAI quality test : Report


The food safety standards were not met by four out of the seven samples that the Food Safety Authority of India (FSSAI) collected from the mess at the All Indi Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS).

The samples of chicken curry and chutney failed the test, the official report by FSSAI said.

The AIIMS administration had directed to close the messes in hostel number seven and a cafeteria in hostel number five.

“In view of the observations during a surprise inspection of the various messes by members of the food safety and hygiene committee, the executive members of the user organisations and food safety inspectors, it has been decided to shut down the messes in hostel seven and the cafe in hostel five with effect from the morning of Tuesday, August 30, 2022,” the order read.

Doctors at AIIMS have brought up the issues of infestation in groceries, stale food items and unhygienic conditions in one of the hospital’s hostel messes.

The Resident Doctors’ Association further asserted that despite the FSSAI’s order to close the hotel mess on August 10 following an inspection, the mess reopened with no improvement in the quality of the food.

“This matter is not new. Many doctors have raised the issue of sub-standard food quality in the mess. They have also sent us pictures of cockroaches and pests in their food. We have also raised this matter with the administration but no action was taken. This is a major health hazard, we could not do much during the Covid-19 pandemic because where else would doctors eat,” a member of the AIIMS’ RDA said.

Doctors also said in a meeting of the RDA on July 1 this year, issues of poor food quality, small portions and lack of hygiene were raised.

Dr Jaswant Jangra, president of the AIIMS RDA said, “An order to make immediate arrangements for the interim period has been issued. Messes of hostels nine, five, seven and eight (on the first floor) will be allotted on the nomination basis within the next two to three days,”