Agrawal Community Women’s Group organized Teej Festival Celebration


The Agrawal community witnessed a grand celebration of the Teej festival organized by the Agrawal Community Women’s Group under the leadership of President Kanak Gupta. The event, held at the Agrawal Community Hall, saw enthusiastic participation from Agrawal women. President Gupta explained the significance of the Teej festival, emphasizing its cultural and natural importance. As part of the festivities, a “Teej Queen” competition was organized, featuring women adorned in green attire, which is a traditional colour for Teej. The event concluded with all the women pledging to work towards environmental conservation.
The chief guest at the event, Agrawal Community President Babulal Chaudhary, addressed the women, acknowledging the importance of the Teej festival and the role of women in strengthening the foundation of the Agrawal community. He emphasized that women play a vital role in strengthening the community’s foundation. Before the Teej festival program began, President Chaudhary lit a ceremonial lamp in front of an image of Maharaja Agrasen. During the event, he also conducted a review meeting with the executive committee, discussing the successful organization of the recent Agrawal Maha Kumbh. Additionally, discussions were also held during the meeting regarding the formation of the Youth Committee in the near future. Notable attendees at the meeting included Deepa Goyal, Suresh Kaseria, Hariprasad Gokulkar, Lalit Chaudhary, Prakash Gupta, Ratanlal Khatuwala, and other members of the Agrawal Women’s Group and the executive committee.